If we don’t like our story,

We can write just the way we want,

Take advantage of the days of glory……

These are words I credit to the song by Toni Braxton and Babyface -Take It Back. I leave out the rest of the words after glory as that ain’t the point for this post; it’s a great song by two great legendary RnB singers.

I digress. If we do not like the way things are at the moment; be it financially, socially, spiritually, we have the ability to change them. God gave each one of us a will for a reason. We can wilfully decide to change the circumstances around us or at least not allow ourselves to get drowned by them through our attitude. Circumstances are temporal as my grandmother would always tell me, ‘never make permanent decisions on temporal situations/circumstances’.

I look at our political scene here in Kenya and the world at large and there’s all these conspiracy theories of who said and who knows best how it went down- the one reason I don’t watch the local news by the way. There’s so much negativity, war and rumours of war. If we all chose peace and to spread peace, doing little acts of kindness with great love, i believe that this world would be a better place. We would have a the same situations/circumstances but a different approach.

Where was I? Oh yeah, If we do not like our story, we can change it. We can choose to take the lessons from our past situations and forge on. Those lessons are the vital tools that allow us to forge a trajectory for our life that’s better than all that has been. I have personally made a lot of wrong moves. Very many of them. I’m not perfect and imperfections are that’s what make us human, but I forge on. Wiser, and more confident.

I just need to know, you wanna go

I need to know that no matter what happens, we will all try and write a different story today onwards.

~ Wanjiru M

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Lessons From The Year

This year has been a great and fulfilling one.

I have cried, I have laughed and have loved so hard,

I’ve made mistakes but above all; I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that not all who smile at me mean well,

Yet at the same time, not to take too much into judging others.

I have learned to take responsibility for everything that’s in my power and change where I can.

It hasn’t been easy.

I’ve made mistakes.

Terrible choices, yet, I’ve had to deal with their consequences.

I’ve earned friends and let go of some.

Learning to see the beauty and positive in everything, no matter how small.

I can see my basket of tears has grown to a huge extent.

Well, I think it grows bigger every time, because it ain’t getting filled up.

I have learned to love, yet, not allowing myself to be used,

I’ve learnt to give, expecting nothing in return,

To trade sorrow for a movie and bar of chocolate.

To speak with candour, and stand up for what I believe in,

To face my fears and seek help whenever needed,

I have learned to stick by my loyal and true friends

And through tough times, I’ve learnt to let go of those who left.

I cannot expect change from the world,

I need to be the change I want to see,

To commit to living a life of service by giving of spiritual gifts and talents,

without expectation of recognition or reward.

Because, when I give of myself from the depths of my being, it becomes an act of love.

One thing is for sure as this year ends

I wanna leave my footprints in the sands of time.

And God’s goodness lasts 

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I wanna leave my footprints in the sand of time.

I wanna leave my footprints in the sand of time.

For the short life that I’ve lived, I’ve come to the knowledge that at the end of life, what matters most is not money, cars or fame and fortune. What truly matters is what outlives you, when your earthly self is no more. Thus my reflection for today goes to, “What kind of a legacy will I leave”.

I’m learning to live my life with the end in mind. Planning my legacy and working backwards.

What will my family, friends, strangers I encountered be after I leave. Will they have felt the love, the hand of kindness, the warmth, the smile, the genuine care? or will it be a good riddance?

I invite you all to continue in a journey of living a life with the end in mind!


Wanjiru M.

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Pinktober Solidarity:  – Wear the Pink Ribbon This October

The month of October is a global Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) commonly referred to as Pinktober. According to research, close to 1 million women in the world are diagnosed with breast cancer every year many of who are in their 50s. The awareness campaigns held during this month are aimed at highlighting the nature and challenges of the breast cancer problem and the progress that has been made so far. It is also an opportune moment to reflect on our lifestyles and how we can live in such a way as to reduce the risk factors. This article discusses lifestyle changes that can significantly bring down the risk to breast cancer.

Breast Self-Exam (BSE)

This refers to a regular self examination of your breasts so as to ensure that any traces associated with breast cancer are identified early and treated successfully. Research shows that in 20 percent of the time, physical examination is successful in detecting breast cancer.


Organize or Volunteer in Breast Cancer Oriented Events

As an individual, you can take it upon yourself to start a breast cancer awareness walk within your locality. In the same vein, you can volunteer to participate in other breast cancer events as a statement that you care about the people with breast cancer and you are part of the effort in finding a permanent cure. Many governmental institutions, cancer survivors and the media usually organize campaigns. You can take advantage of this to show your solidarity for breast cancer advocacy.

Buy Breast Awareness Promotional Products

Breast awareness promotional products are usually sold all year around and in greater quantities in the month of October. Whenever you spend a dollar buying pink ribbon-branded merchandise such as ink pens, emery boards, pink candies and breast cancer awareness bracelets, you are contributing money in a way to the fight against breast cancer. This is because some of these companies donate part of the revenue to foundations and charities that fight breast cancer. Supporting these companies will also create a lucrative market that will pull other companies in creating a much stronger breast cancer awareness campaign.

Purchase the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbon has been branded as a cancer awareness symbol. By putting it on the window of your vehicle, other drivers and passers-by will be able to know that you support and help breast cancer patients.

This in itself is an adequate ambassadorial signage that can trigger other people to become sensitive to breast cancer. The pink ribbon brand brings together the fear of breast cancer, the hope of early detection and treatment as well as the moral goodness and support to people suffering from the condition.


Online Publicity

Through the creation of breast cancer awareness websites and establishment of dedicated social media pages, you can create awareness online. The content of the website should be geared towards helping people to get checked early, how to contribute to breast cancer awareness initiatives and how to join others in the fight against breast cancer.

Knowing Your Family History

Your family history can have a significant bearing on whether you develop breast cancer or not. Around 5 to 10 breast cancer cases occur in women whose families have a history of gene fault. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are particularly associated with hereditary breast cancer and the women who have these mutations are also at a greater risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Enhance Your Physical Activity

The Department of Health and Human Services in the US recommends that an individual should engage in moderate aerobic activities for about 150 minutes each week. Alternatively, you can engage in 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity every week while strength training 2 times in a week. Physical activity was found by a combination of 31 studies to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 12 percent. The physical activity here may include gym activities and other workouts such as walking, cycling and jogging. The lowers levels of hormones and growth factors attained through physical activity can help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

You do not necessarily need lots of funds to start these initiatives but all that is needed is moral goodwill and individual initiative.

cc Thomas Mbaru (@t.mbaru)

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Inspired: #WeAreHere

It has been a while since I read about, heard or seen a truly inspirational love story. Maybe I just stop bothering about love, maybe love doesn’t exist, or maybe it does, maybe I built my guard too high, weigh each single act on a high pedestal, maybe I forgot how the small things used to matter and maybe, just maybe it does exist but I just can’t see it.

Ok, y’all know I’m not talking about agape love only. It’s great to know that God, a supernatural being, loves you beyond measure. But it’s also awesome to enjoy the earthly friendships and relationships too. What happened to me, to all of us? I mean, I wake up one morning and long to slit my neighbour’s throat because he believes or sins differently from me. How did we get so lost; so detached that we don’t feel each other’s pain.

Always trigger happy, longing for the next “Trayvon Martin” so that we can get out on the streets and loot, in the name of rioting and claiming for our “rights”. Where do those rights disappear to when it’s us against ourselves? Quick to point out the speck in another’s eye, blurred by the log in our own.

The world is quite screwed right now but I’m still hopeful. I’m here to experience life and make a difference, no matter how small or large.


Enjoy the song here: Alicia Keys – We Are Here:

Congratulations Alicia Keys on realising the inspirational song. Speaks volumes to me.

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Looking at the world and narrowing down to my country, I can’t help but think of this great song Where Is The Love by the Black Eyed Peas

What’s wrong with the world, mama
People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas
I think the whole world addicted to the drama
Only attracted to things that’ll bring you trauma

We have areas where men, women and children are no longer safe. We have turned to violence, war against each other, against those that hold opinion from us. We force religion down each other’s throats.

Surely, I believe we can do things differently. Like be compassionate, a little kinder to everyone we meet, take care of the poor and needy in our vicinity, clean our environment and so on, call up someone to check up on them and be grateful.

Can we do something?

Can we, I, change our world, one step at a time, one day at a time?

Let’s spread the love, stop the hate,

Preach peace, and walk the talk,

Stop racism, tribalism, nepotism et al and make our world better for the next generations to come.

I choose to highlight the positive, starting now.

To the stranger that held a door for me today morning, the speeding driver who slowed down in time for me to cross, to the cleaner at the office who made sure the environment was clean and comfortable for us all,to the colleague who helped in sorting out a database issue, to the friend who called me up just to check on me, and all the little acts of kindness, I’m grateful. Thank You.

And to you reading this post, know that you are valuable and a great part of making this world a better place

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~Wanjiru M

We Can Change Our World, One Day At A Time


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To my baby(s) even before you are born.(27th August, 2014)

~Wanjiru M

As I wait for you,

Baby it’s just the first trimester and you are already happy about life,

You’re making me even more excited to meet you,

And as time passes through to the second trimester,

I can’t wait to meet you, But what can I do, only wait


Mid-way through the second trimester, you are already eager to see the world,

You make a panic appearance and, the doctors have to intervene,

To make you wait,

I guess you are tired of the wait, but you have to be patient,

Maybe that’s something that I’ll teach you as I wait for you to grow up


You finally make it to the third trimester,

Too ready yet, ill-equipped,

You make an appearance even before your time,

But the doctors had warned me,

That as I wait for you, I should be prepared for this eventuality

The wait was worthwhile,


You came out beautiful, more than anything I had ever set my eyes on,

Your big brown eyes, tiny frame and ooh, those feet and fingers!

I thank God I waited.

You’ve grown so fast and are beginning to mumble,


How I wait for the day you’ll call me mom,

And your first step

But hey, I have learnt to wait,

So I’ll wait


Time flies and you now call me mom endless times,

When you fall, cry, laugh and funny even when you fart,

And laugh again, without a care in the world

So, as I wait, I’ll teach you to laugh at yourself,

At me, and we can create our own world of laughter


As you grow son, I’ll teach you the things I’ve learnt about life,

That a good name and honour is better than gold or silver,

Character, before reputation,

And there are two things, actually three, that you can give and still keep,

Your word, a smile and a kind heart,


Do not forget to invest in yourself son,

But most importantly, remember to invest in other people,

We live in a world where everyone is impatient with each other,

But promise me baby, that you’ll try

And oh, as you wait, as you’re patient with people,

Remember to smile and share what you’ve learnt in this life


You ask me about religion, what about it baby?

As you grow, remember that the only true religion

Is love God, with all your heart,

And take care of the poor, the needy and orphans

The rest, you’ll learn through your journey as you wait, as you grow


Remember to treat people with respect,

Mostly women, but also respect yourself,

Being a gentleman, they say is all a fuzzy idea,

But I tell you son, it’s the best thing,

Open or hold doors, pull seats, and baby, as you wait, smile


Baby girl, you too, learn to respect yourself,

And baby, love doesn’t mean Legs Open Very Easily,

You’ll learn this as you wait, as you grow

Dress modestly, have pride in yourself, and be humble,

I’ve taught you to fearlessly stand your ground and reach for your dreams

And I know you’ll make me proud.


You’ll have plenty of disappointments in life,

You’ll love passionately, but get heart-broken,

If you are lucky, you’ll marry your first love,

But baby, that doesn’t happen often,

But as you wait, love people with all your heart


Have a mystery about yourself,

But be honest in all your dealings,

Be courageous.  Be Fearless.

And in a world that teaches you to be someone else, Baby. Be. You.

Do you, because everyone else is taken


Baby, as you wait, as you grow,

This I’ll remind you,

Don’t lose yourself, trying to be someone else,

Be teachable,

Because baby, I may not be there always to teach you,

Or catch you when you fall,


When my wait is over,

And I’ve taught you how to truly live,

I’ll have no doubt, that even if everyone else fails,

The one person who’ll truly keep their word-or at least say when they aren’t able to,

And character, is the one I gave birth to

~Wanjiru M.

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Being born into a Christian family is one of the best thing and worst thing as well. The good outweighs the bad mostly. You are taught to pray in every situation at a very young age; to even pray for the food on the table and the starving children in Africa and the world alike. We are taught that prayer can change situations. Prayer changes things, moves mountains and hills, builds bridges et al. One thing that is rarely emphasized is that faith without action is dead. This is where the rubber meets the road, you pray into a situation like a job for example, but unless your faith is followed by an action of seeking out for God’s favour and applying for the job, trust me, no one will drop a job at your door-step.

Personally, I learnt that I can talk to God about anything. Along the way, I lost that bit while growing up, into I can ask google for anything because, you see, Google can give you a response(s) to any question you asked of it. Right! Wrong. Google does not always have the answers we are looking for, as a matter of fact, type a sequence of items that cannot be understood by man, and there you’ll have your response and a list of suggestions which Google might actually think you need. Here’s where talking to God about anything comes into play. He knows even my unspoken prayers. He actually knows what I need as I type this is therapy but a not the kind we’d find in the therapy sessions. More like a warm blanket and a reassuring word that it shall be ok.

The thing about growing up in a Christian family is that, you have restrictions placed on you as to how to wear, present yourself to friends and foes alike, who to hang out with, what to eat, not to eat and most of the time, we aren’t told why. We have the Good Book that tells us why in almost all of the cases but the question is how many people bother to read it and find out these facts on their own? We take too much into what preacher so-and-so said without finding out if it’s actually true. Taking for example, friends to associate with, did you know that it’s a proven fact that we tend to become more like the friends/people we spend most of our time with? This is the reason we are told that we need not be unequally yoked. We tend to take this lightly because heeey, chill out, we are just friends. But wait until you begin to thirst for “the bottle” or a puff of marijuana or that extra-marital affair or even that bribe that has enabled your “friend” get ahead in life. That is when you know that unequally yoked is a little more serious than we thought.

I remember I had a friend who found it great to indulge in gambling. They even went ahead to show me the dos and don’ts of the trade, how it’s gotten them ahead in life et al. the thing that ached me to the core is that they didn’t mention how much they’d lost, how they’d squandered important investment opportunity elsewhere in the name of one last gamble. This is where I thank all the sane friends I confided in. One particularly mention the “do not be unequally yoked” phrase and it hit home. It doesn’t mean that you should not talk to people who have various struggles, addictions or certain habits we consider bad. All there is is that we can talk to them, make friends with them as we try to help them out-without being all judgemental but above all, pray for them. Don’t go all joining in the casino saying, hey buddy, we need to talk and this thing needs to stop right now! Yes that could be an approach for some but a total flop in a different scenario.

I once tripped and fell, really hard. And you know why? I got unequally yoked. See, there’s this thing with sin and the grace of God that we sometimes take for granted. A tiny voice always asking; can you tell me how much we can get away with and still be saved? C’mon, God’s grace is available! Friends, don’t take it for granted. His love endures forever and He’s gracious to forgive, but that we need to be careful lest we take the presence of God in vain. When He leaves, there’s no telling what could happen to you. Ask King Saul. He knows best.

I have also learnt over time that the “unequally yoked” is as important in choice of a life partner. See, if you don’t share a common value system, how could you even dream of sharing a life together? I agree we are all brought up in different families and share totally different values but I believe so as to share a lifetime with someone, it has to be beyond looks and mere charm. When I get there, I’ll be sure to tell you friends but one thing I know is that a common value system will be top on the list, after an immense love for God.


~ Wanjiru M.